Online games design and the art world

Designing online games are not just about making the game user-friendly, it is also important that the game is attractive, and many games designers use the art world as their inspiration. To become one of the best online slots games in the UK it is simply a matter of designing your game with your audience in mind.

No one will be drawn to a game that looks boring, and no one will want to spend money on a game that looks badly designed, as that looks almost untrustworthy. a good designer will use every trick they have to make players want to play more, spend more and keep coming back time and again.

The art world is packed with ideas for themes to online games, from religious icons to specific artists, Leonardo da Vinci for example, as a painter, architect, sculptor and inventor he has created a vast amount of works to draw inspiration from.

The styles of the impressionists or the surrealists make excellent subject matter, but art isn’t just paintings. Sculptures, pottery and items made from fine bone china are also considered to be art, with pieces selling for thousands at auction. With that in mind, slots games that have themes like Pharaoh’s Treasure or Cleopatra’s Jewels are all based around art.

Designing a game that has a complex puzzle, can also be inspired by the works of da Vinci and other artists who it is though have hidden secret messages in their works. It might sound like some complex conspiracy theory but many scholars believe it to be true, and based on that games have been created in such a way that for example, you have to find a code to continue the game or solve a puzzle to open a hidden doorway. Bonus games are often hidden this way too.